How do satellite cable market structures determine the output decisions of iptv channels?

Different types of marketing structure require the satellite cable organizations to apply various types of pricing strategies. For instance, if a company exists in a monopoly market then the club might cost higher price than what the organization needed to cost in a perfect competition market. In monopolistic market structure, the company can determine a price of the product based on the consumer’s approach toward the distinctive feature that they avail, while in duopoly the company needs to ensure that the consumers prefer their product over the competitor through price as well. In such cases, the business organizations tend to use the product price as their competitive advantage. It is worth noting that many local satellite channels do not increase the prices of the products only to make the good profit.

Illustrating the ways in which the forces of market share satellite cable’s responses

Market forces play a significant role in the decision making a power of an organization. There are diverse types of market forces that operate in the satellite cable industry. The demand and supply chain of these cable channels have to be balanced to propel their growth. On the other hand, there has to be proper equilibrium and economics of sale as they can be useful in the wake of recent competition in the form of Internet television or iptv. There is a huge demand for the iptv channels in the market. As there is the huge demand for the channels of iptv, it can be able to bring new packages with the high price. Moreover, many internet cable organizations are known to provide quality channels, for this, it can higher the prices depending on the demands.

The aspect of cultural and commercial environment in the successful operation of internet television

It is important to note hat to run a business in an advantageous manner; it is necessary to understand the business as well as a cultural environment of an organization. The business environment of an organization consists of two different factors, external and internal. The Cultural environment of the firm is its promotion, pricing, and production. The internet television channels have a huge number of channels, and due to this, the price of the channels are quite affordable. Customer’s values, beliefs, and attributes to the products of the organization are also the cultural factors that affect the production of the company. The internal, as well as the external business environment of the organization, is in a real situation of the enterprise. There are a good number of customers who are ready to supply products at lower price. Thus, they would not be able to affect the business of the organization. On the other side, the behaviors of the workers of the organization are the internal cultural practices. The successful implementation policies help the iptv organizations to achieve competitive advantages in the process of competing with its rivals. Moreover, these groups are associated with several government policies that mean that their channel packages would be affordable and pocket-friendly. They are committed to working as per the legislations and framework proposed by the government.


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